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Living Will vs. Last Will & Testament

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

A living will is a legal document that outlines your preferences for medical treatment if you are in an end stage condition, persistent vegitative state, or terminal condition and you are unable to make decisions for yourself. A last will and testament is a legal document that outlines how your property and assets will be distributed after your death. They serve different purposes but both are important legal documents to have in place. Living Will. The Living will is used to enforce your decision to remove Life support, which refers to the process of taking a patient off life-sustaining treatments, such as mechanical ventilation, in cases where it is deemed medically appropriate and in line with the patient's wishes or advance directives. It is typically done in consultation with the patient or their family and healthcare team. In the Living Will you name Agent(s) to act on your behalf and enforce your decision of the removal when there is absolutely no hope of recovery. Having this document executed by you in advance can bring great piece of mind to your loved ones as they will know that your desires were written down for them to follow. Last Will & Testament. Preparing a last will and testament involves outlining how you want your assets to be distributed after your passing. It's important to make sure your will is legally binding and properly executed. You should consult with a lawyer that is experienced in estate planning to help you create your will. The beneficiary of a will is a person or entity that is designated to receive assets or property from the deceased person's estate according to the terms of their will. At The Warnock Law Group our main focus is estate planning and we would be glad to discuss these important and necessary documents further with you.

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