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Protecting Your Loved Ones With A Will

The primary purpose of a will is to describe how you want your possessions distributed after your death. But a will has other uses too. You can designate a guardian for your minor children should you die. You can name a personal representative (executor) to wrap up the financial affairs of your estate. A will can enable you to provide for your family and give you peace of mind.

Experienced Will Lawyers In Fort Myers

At the law firm of The Warnock Law Group, we draft and revise wills for people from all walks of life. We also provide estate planning services to help our clients achieve specific goals. We offer free initial consultations, charge reasonable fees and provide responsive service.

When you come to our Fort Myers offices to discuss your needs, we will take time to learn about you, your family, your values and your long-term goals. Based on these considerations, we will then draft a will designed to help you achieve those goals. At the same time that we draft your will, we can also create other essential estate planning documents such as a power of attorney, health care surrogate and living will.

Revising Your Estate Plan And Documents

Some people may need to create only one last will and testament during their lifetimes. But the vast majority will need to revise their wills and other estate documents as time passes. If you have experienced or are about to experience a significant change in your life, such as marriage, the birth of a child or divorce, you should speak with an estate planning attorney concerning your will. For a reasonable and affordable fee, The Warnock Law Group can draft a new will and other estate documents that correspond with your current situation and needs.

Free Consultation With An Attorney

To schedule a consultation about drafting a will or other estate documents, contact The Warnock Law Group in Fort Myers, Florida.