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At The Warnock Law Group, we draft all types of powers of attorney for people in the Fort Myers area and elsewhere in Southwest Florida. For a reasonable and affordable fee, we can review your situation and draft the document or documents that can achieve your goals.

A Power Of Attorney Or A Conservatorship?

If your parent can no longer make sound decisions about financial affairs, you may wish to consider getting a durable power of attorney. This can protect your parent’s assets and prevent their dissipation. A durable power of attorney is a much more economical and less cumbersome alternative to a conservatorship. A lawyer at our firm can discuss this possibility with you.

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Learn more about the benefits of a power of attorney. In Fort Myers, contact The Warnock Law Group for a free initial consultation.

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A power of attorney appoints another person or persons to make decisions on your behalf. As the name indicates, it is indeed powerful. It places key decisions about a person’s financial affairs or health care in the hands of another party.

Three types of powers of attorney are essential elements that should be included in every person’s estate plan:

Power of attorney for financial affairs — This empowers another party to make financial decisions and conduct transactions on your behalf. Such a document can be
durable (meaning that the powers granted are permanent) or temporary (the powers expire on a certain date or after a certain event occurs).

Health care surrogate — This document empowers another party to make decisions about your health care if you are unable to make them yourself. In other states, this document goes by names such as health care power of attorney, health care proxy or advance medical directive.

Living will — This document informs health care providers regarding the services you wish to be provided or do not wish to be provided should you reach an end-of-life situation.

Advance planning can spare loved ones from having to make difficult decisions should an unexpected event occur.