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Comprehensive Elder Law Planning

The benefit of sound legal strategies for elders comes down to proactive planning. As experienced elder law attorneys in the Fort Meyers area, here are some of the standard elder law instruments that The Levins & Warnock Law Group establishes for clients.

Advance Directives

One of our attorneys can help you establish a Florida living will. This allows you to state what your medical care preferences are at an end of life situation. Completing a health care surrogate designation allows a trusted loved one or friend to direct health care decisions for you.

Medicaid Qualification

Are you wondering if you can link insurance and public benefits to avoid spending down all of your assets to pay for long term care? Our firm will look at your situation and advise you about your options.

Many people think they have too much savings to qualify for Medicaid, but that is not always the case. With the high costs of medical and long-term residential care, it makes sense to find out if you can benefit from Medicaid planning. At The Levins & Warnock Law Group, we are experienced at helping clients qualify for Medicaid while protecting assets that they worked hard to build up.

Asset Protection

Wills and trusts are the most commonly thought of legal documents in estate planning and for a good reason. Each of these legal documents can enable a safe transfer of assets and property to the next generation with the least amount of tax exposure possible.

Pre-Need Planning

Completing your estate planning before you become incapacitated or die will give you peace of mind, and your family will benefit as well. Our firm excels at providing options for pre-need planning such as a durable power of attorney. This option allows you to designate a person to handle your affairs if you are unable to do so. It is also personalized so that you make just only needed designations.

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