Can a postnuptial agreement rescue your sinking marriage?

If you are in an unhappy or unfulfilling marriage, you may feel like you are on a slowly sinking ship. While there may see nothing wrong with divorcing your spouse, you also may want to do everything possible to rescue your failing marriage. A postnuptial agreement may do the trick.

A postnuptial agreement is much like a prenuptial one with one key exception. That is, as its name indicates, your postnuptial agreement comes after your wedding ceremony. Here are some ways a postnuptial agreement may breathe new life into your marriage.

Protect your future

If you are already contemplating divorce, you should probably plan for it. With a postnuptial agreement, you can build a strong financial foundation for a future without your spouse. Specifically, you can define marital and separate property, address property division and even agree on spousal support.

Set realistic expectations

Many marriages fail simply because spouses do not see eye to eye on household duties. Your postnuptial agreement may outline who is responsible for what. When you set realistic expectations, you also have another benchmark to consider when thinking about divorce.

Start talking again

If your marriage is suffering from a breakdown in communication, talking about a postnuptial agreement may help you to start talking again. That is, when you and your husband or wife are talking about the terms of the agreement, you may also discuss the strains on your marriage.

Ultimately, if your postnuptial agreement does not end up saving your floundering marriage, it may make your eventual divorce considerably less messy.

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