Reasons you may need to file for guardianship

While you may think of guardians as people who take care of young children when their parents are no longer able to care for them, this may not be the case. There are a  host of other types of guardianships, and many reasons why a person may need to file for a guardian. You may know of someone who needs a guardian, was asked to act as a guardian or needs to file for a guardian of your loved one. Whatever the case may be, there are several reasons why you may file for guardianship 

When people create a last will and testament, they may appoint a guardian to take care of their children once they pass. In some cases, however, a guardianship is necessary even when the parents are still alive. Children who live in an unhealthy environment involving abuse or who suffer neglect in some manner may need another adult to watch over them and meet their needs. A child’s parents may have a drug and/or alcohol problem or put the child in conditions that can directly harm the child’s development. In some cases, parents may leave their children altogether and decide that they no longer wish to take care of them.  

A guardianship may help with the following: 

  • An elderly loved one who can no longer make decisions regarding his or her care 
  • An adult with special needs  
  • A child with incarcerated parents 
  • A child with a significant amount of money and/or property who needs a financial guardian 

Keep in mind that when it comes to guardianship, it is critical to keep the best interests of the child, incapacitated or elderly person in mind at all times. Filing for guardianship should always benefit the people who are not able to speak for themselves.  

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