Are you ready to act as a child’s guardian?

Your close friends recently sat you down and shared the news that, if something happens to them, they would like for you to become their kids’ legal guardian. While this responsibility may not require moving out of Florida, it is a lot to think about.

To help you reach a final decision you are comfortable with, look to Times Herald. They share a few points to ponder on your overall ability to act as a guardian for someone else’s children.

Will you avoid unnecessary time in court?

The parents should have things set up so that when the time comes, you quickly and easily gain legal custody of their kids. Poor preparation may result in arguments and unnecessary court proceedings and hearings.

Do you have the right family dynamic?

If your friends raise their kids with a specific religious or spiritual upbringing that you do not subscribe to, that may lead to difficulties if you become their kids’ guardian. Additionally, you may not have the patience to teach your friends’ kids how to clean up after themselves and similar lessons if they do not already know how to.

Are you financially prepared to raise (more) kids?

Maybe you have already spent lots of time and money raising your own kids, who are now self-sufficient and moved out of your home. Should you decide to become a guardian, you may have to spend more money if your friends do not leave money (or do not leave enough money) for you to do so. Is your budget or occupation set up in a way that you can afford to raise kids?

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

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