Should you pick a couple as a guardian?

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You’re doing your estate planning, trying to decide who to pick as a guardian for your child. Do you choose a single person or do you need to pick a couple?

Many people automatically lean toward couples, and they typically pick those who are already married. They feel like this gives the child a more stable home life. Plus, if the child is already in a two-parent home, it feels like the most natural fit.

While this can be the right thing to do, it’s important not to assume that the married couple is perfectly stable or offers the best choice. Remember that anyone can get divorced. You do not know how long that relationship is going to last. With the divorce rate as high as it is, the risk exists even for couples that seem happy and stable today.

The goal is to find the person who really offers the best situation for your specific child. They love the child and can provide for them financially. They are willing to take on the responsibilities. They have similar values as you do. If a single person fits that description better than a couple, they could be the better choice.

If you do select a couple, you may also put a plan in place for a potential divorce. If that marriage ends, then who takes over as the caretaker for your child? You hope they won’t need the plan, but it is there if they do.

Carefully consider your guardianship planning strategies when setting up an estate plan. It’s one of the most important things you can do for your family.

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