Looking at the duties of a power of attorney

Looking at the duties of a power of attorney.png

The power of attorney is one of the most important duties a person can be tasked with in life. If you are chosen as someone’s power of attorney, you are given quite a bit of power, for lack of a better word. Your responsibilities are very important. Today, we will discuss the duties of a power of attorney in Fort Myers, Florida, so you know what to expect when chosen for this job.

One of the most important duties the power of attorney has is to make the financial decisions of the person who put him or her in this position. This only happens when the subject of the will has become incapacitated, which means he or she does not have the mental ability to make his or her own decisions.

Another duty of the attorney-in-fact is to make important decisions regarding the health care of the subject. This includes giving consent to treatment, consent to withhold treatment and consent to stop giving treatment.

The attorney-in-fact also has the ability to recommend a guardian for any minor children of the subject if guardians have not been named in the will prior to the subject becoming incapacitated.

Gifts of money can also be issued by the attorney-in-fact to anyone he or she deems fit. The gifts could also be administered by the power of attorney based on the desires of the subject.

Now that you know all about the duties of a power of attorney, you should have no surprises if chosen as one by a friend or family member in Florida. Just be sure to ask a lot of questions if you aren’t sure about what to do.

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