Florida woman claims imprisonment in case about guardianship

A woman in Florida has claimed that she was imprisoned in a guardianship case, according to a recent news report. This is not the first time an issue such as this has been in the news, as advocates claim that innocent residents of the state are being taken advantage of in the state’s probate court system by their family members. The woman, who lives in Naples now, saw the issue begin back in 2016.

The woman was issued a summons by a deputy in Collier County in 2016 that informed her she was now a ward of the state. This meant that she had no rights. When this happened, she was living in East Naples. The woman had been working as a registered nurse at a hospital in southwest Florida. Then she was assigned a guardian and removed from her home.

The system for guardianship in the state of Florida is intended to appoint a guardian for people who cannot make decisions on their own. For example, the person appointed a guardian cannot make decisions because he or she is either too ill physically or mentally to do so.

According to the woman, she inherited money from her father and then a jealous family member decided to file for guardianship without telling her. A three-person panel, which was appointed by the court, deemed that she was incapacitated even though she was working a full-time job and caring for herself.

The woman has filed a lawsuit to reclaim some of the money that was taken from her when the guardianship took effect in 2016.

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Source: Fox4, “Naples woman says she was “imprisoned” in guardianship case,” May 23, 2018

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