Determining transition time for seniors moving to care facilities

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One of the most difficult times in life is deciding when a senior citizen should move from one’s dream retirement community in Florida to an assisted living facility. Many seniors will need to make this decision themselves, while others will have help from their spouses or adult children. Some seniors will reluctantly need to move to a facility due to the decline in their health.

Many seniors find themselves being moved into an assisted living facility after they’ve spent time in an emergency room for an illness or a fall that led to injuries. This takes the decision out of their hands, which can be very difficult for them to come to terms with.

If your loved one has not suffered an illness or injury that forces them to an assisted living facility then you need to discuss the move with them sooner rather than later. A discussion of this importance needs to occur when your parents are of sound mind and body so they knows what is at stake and what will happen to their property once the move occurs.

If your parent is open to the move, you can come up with a time when it is best to make it happen. For example, you could decide that the move will happen when your parents’ safety may be at risk. Maybe the move occurs when your loved ones realize they can’t climb the stairs to go to bed anymore, or have trouble doing the laundry or getting the mail. This means that they are getting weaker.

Probate is an important part of life, especially when it comes to moving property from one person to another in the Fort Myers, Florida, area. Do plenty of research prior to moving to an assisted living facility so you know how to sell your property or leave it to an adult child.

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