Have you updated your will since moving to Florida?

Florida is famously a place where many individuals and couples relocate in their golden years to enjoy warm, inviting weather and plenty of sunshine. However, many aging individuals neglect to keep their loved ones safe by failing to take simple preventative measures when they relocate. If you have recently moved to Florida, or intend to do so soon, make sure that you have properly updated your will.

When you do not keep your will up to date, it becomes much weaker to protect your loved ones and make your end-of-life wishes known. Florida maintains laws that may conflict with other states when it comes to several kinds of end-of-life decisions or passing property on to beneficiaries. If you come from a state with more relaxed probate laws than Florida, your family could be in for a harsh surprise when it comes time to read your will.


There are many reasons to keep your will updated. You may need to update your will if you divorce or remarry, or if your assets greatly increase or decrease. It is possible that the terms of your will either cannot be followed anymore, or that your newfound good fortune is unaddressed by your old will, leaving your assets very vulnerable to probate and other taxation.

There is no good reason to put off updating your will. Of course, there is also no good reason to update it without proper legal guidance. If you are ready to update your will, do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced attorney who can help you craft a will that keeps your loved ones protected and makes your wishes known, all within the bounds of Florida’s specific laws.

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