Who should witness my will signing?

If you are among the many Florida residents who are taking steps to create a good estate plan, you should know that there are many decisions to make. Each one is important and will have ramifications beyond simply who will inherit what from your estate after you die. The choices you make when developing your will or trust may affect how your estate is taxed, how long it takes for assets to be distributed to your heirs, and more.

Another important thing to consider when creating your estate plan is the potential issue of a contest to your will or trust. No person wants to think about this happening but it can and it does so your pre-planning here is a must. According to AARP, one thing you should be careful about is who you ask to witness your personal signing of any estate planning documentation. If you ask your spouse or adult child to witness your will signing and that same person is set to inherit some or all of your estate, you could well be setting up a problem for them down the road.

The best person to be a will or trust witness is someone who is not set to receive anything from your estate. This takes any potential conflict of interest out of the equation altogether.

This information is not meant to provide legal advice but is intended to give an overview of how to best identify witnesses to your will signing in order to guard against future problems with your will’s validity after you die in Florida.

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