Nursing home employees accused of financial abuse

As Florida has worked to make positive changes to its system for adult guardianships lately, the issues related to elder abuse and financial coercion of vulnerable adults continue to plague many people. The inherent temptation that exists when caregivers have access to a person’s money can open the door to financial explotitation.

While much has been reported about abuse of elders by those who have been identified as their legal guardians or conservators, this level of access is not always needed. Even people who are not legally allowed to control a person’s finances can still gain access to them. One man is alleging that is exactly what happened in a case involving his father while his father was a resident of a nursing home in the Miami-Dade area.

The son was named his father’s guardian in 2015 only to discover that the lion’s share of his net worth was gone. In the span of roughly five years, more than $2.5 million was reported to have been taken by various employees at the nursing home. The money was accessed in the form of checks written. The checks were signed either by the man directly or forged. In both cases, the son alleges coercion and exploitation of his father’s vulnerable state.

Cases like this one illustrate how easy it can be for elderly people to be taken advantage of. Anyone who suspects this type of thing has occurred might want to talk with an attorney.


Source: Miami Herald, “Where did nursing home patient’s $2m go? Son says he knows – and sues, “June 28, 2016

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