What is the job of a health proxy?

Sometimes, people may wonder what they are supposed to do if they ever get into a situation where they become unable to make their own medical decisions. Whether it’s due to a sudden accident or any other unpredictable reason, there are ways for a person to prepare for the potential of losing their ability to make their own choices.

This is the job of a health care proxy, as stated by The Florida State Bar. A health care proxy is chosen by someone while they are still in possession of their full faculties. The person who is given the power of a health proxy will therefore be able to legally make medical decisions on behalf of the person they’re representing if that person ever gets into a situation where they cannot make their own decisions. This can include situations that involve the patient being comatose, brain damaged, or temporarily unable to make sound decisions.

The health care proxy is also in charge of making pharmaceutical decisions. They may also be in charge of making sure that the patient gets to any potential appointments if they are unable to make the appointments themselves. Generally speaking, they are legally responsible for all physical aspects of the well-being of their charge. This will last for the duration of time that the patient is unable to make their own decisions.

This can be a lot of responsibility for one person. It can also be a delicate legal situation. While this is not meant to be taken as legal advice, it is usually considered a good idea for both the potential patient and their health care proxy to be in close contact while working out terms.

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