What are some tips on creating a will?

Estate planning can often be easy to put off especially by younger people. This, however, is a very short-sighted approach as every Floridian can benefit from having their post-death wishes identified ahead of time. Some people postpone creating wills or trusts because they are unsure of how to approach this process. Understanding some of the aspects of wills and will execution can help to take the mystery out of this important life step.

AARP.org gives some useful tips on developing legally valid wills so that you, as the testator, can feel confident in the choices you make for your assets after you die. Your will can involve directives about virtually any asset including those with little to no financial value such as family photos or even costume jewelry that is special to you because it was once your favorite aunt’s. Select assets, such as life insurance policies, do not need to be included in any type of will, including a living will, because these items will already have designated beneficiaries.

When developing your will, it is recommended that your witness not be any person named as a beneficiary in the will. Neither should it be the attorney who helped you draft the will. You can create a letter of instruction to accompany your will. This document can be less formal than your will and provide details about things like what music you want played at your funeral. Avoiding family disputes is a common reason for developing a will and making sure you follow the right steps to ensure a legally binding will is of high importance in the event that someone chooses to contest the will.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but general information about how to create a will in Florida.

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