Make estate-planning part of your holiday to-do list

The holidays are here and that means most people will be exchanging gifts of all kinds. Receiving presents is always nice, especially when someone gets you that perfect gift. It’s also a great moment when you see a loved one’s reaction when they open the perfect gift from you. One Christmas gift that probably doesn’t come to mind for most people in Lee County is estate planning.

However, estate planning might just be the best gift people can give to their families and other loved ones at this, or any, time of the year. Of course, estate planning can seem like a downer to a lot of people. After all, it does mostly revolve around someone dying. However, by getting one’s estate plan in place, it can be bring a great deal of peace to a person’s loved ones.

So at this time of year, here are few things people can do to get their estate plan in order and give their families the gift of security. Establish a will and/or a trust, including a living will and a living trust. Another important step to take is to establish a durable power of attorney. Also, be sure to fill out beneficiary forms and to buy a life insurance policy. Lastly, make sure you have all crucial documents in order and that family members know where they are.

Death is no fun to discuss, but by giving the gift of estate planning to your loved ones you can make the experience much more pleasant when the time comes. If you need help with your estate plan, then you should probably contact an estate-planning attorney.

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