Woman’s will includes bank account, care requests for beloved dog

Readers in Lee County are likely aware that a last will and testament is a way for you to convey your final wishes and express how you want your affairs handled after your death. What readers may not know, however, is that even without children or dependents, estate planning is important in order to establish where you want any assets you leave behind to go. It is then the job of a will executor to follow through with those wishes and, essentially, tie up the rest of your loose ends.

The responsibilities of the executor of one woman’s will reportedly extend beyond just ensuring her beneficiaries receive her assets as she listed in her estate plan. In addition to disbursing assets to several named beneficiaries and organizations, he or she will also be responsible for ensuring the woman’s Chihuahua, Monster Girl, is cared for as she requests in her will.

According to reports, the woman, who was not married and did not have any children, left her beloved dog $100,000. It was not reported whether she indicated how the funds should be spent, however she did purportedly ask that the dog not be left by herself for long periods of time. Prior to her death, the woman asked a close personal friend, who agreed, to care for Monster Girl.

Whether made up of family members, friends or other loved ones, or just your family pet, creating an estate plan is helpful in protecting your family and ensuring they are cared for after you pass on. An attorney can help you to create a legal will and estate plan, as well as assist with your will execution in the event of your death.

Source: New York Post, “NYSE pioneer leaves $100K to dog”, Julia Marsh and Erin Calabrese, Sep. 13, 2013

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