Probate court issues ruling; man will finally get inheritance

It is sad to think that someone would be greedy enough to try to take advantage of the death of another person in Lee County, Florida. After the death of your loved one, it may seem like old relatives and acquaintances start crawling out of the woodwork trying to claim part of the estate. This is why it is so helpful to have a last will and testament in place so that your wishes are honored.

A man that has had to fight for the inheritance that is rightfully his saw the light at the end of the tunnel recently when he received a probate court decision in his favor. The man had been named in the will of a woman who owned nearly 100 acres of farmland worth nearly $1.5 million. He has been taking care of the farm and has been operating it on his own dime since the death of the woman four years ago.

After the woman died, and the man went to collect his inheritance, he learned of some trusts that he thought were suspicious because of their incongruence with the woman’s will. The trusts were created just a month before the woman died by the conservator of her estate. They outlined plans to sell her farm to a local developer and give the earnings to churches in the area.

He decided to take the matter to court and after years of it being in probate, finally received a ruling in his favor. Apparently it came not a moment too soon. The man says he has reached his line of credit and needs the money to continue running the farm.

In this day and age where you have to be careful who you trust, it is important that you visit a lawyer to make your last wishes known and ensure that they people you want to inherit your estate will do so.

Source: Record-Journal, “Judge sides with Manzo in Southington probate case,” Mary Ellen Godin, Mar. 20, 2013

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