Lawyer contests 94-year-old woman’s will

When you write up a last will and testament in Lee County, Florida, you are ensuring that your estate will be divided in a manner that you see fit. Many people wish to leave their homes, car and other assets to their loved ones. Others want their assets sold and the money bequeathed to their favorite charity. Explicit directions for whatever a person wishes to happen to his or her estate can be written in a will.

Although a will is meant to set forth what will happen with a person’s estate, it is not always the last word. If something seems a bit off to friends and family members of the deceased, the will can be contested in probate court.

This is exactly what one man is doing. He claims that the 94-year-old woman whom he had represented as a lawyer for 25 years prior to her death was not competent when she drew up a new will and trust last year. He is challenging the validity of the will in probate court and suing for five percent of her estate plus $65,000, the amount he says he was never paid for representing the woman over the years.

According to the lawyer, the woman changed her will last May and instead of leaving the majority of her estate to charities like she had planned, she named a 33-year-old police sergeant as her major beneficiary.

The woman had previously accused the lawyer of trying to steal from her and had requested that police investigate him. Although it is not clear if the investigation ever took place, the lawyer was never charged with stealing and says that the allegations are false.

In situations like this, it is important to get good legal advice from a lawyer who knows a thing or two about estate planning. Doing so can help friends or family members of the deceased ensure that their loved ones’ wishes are properly carried out.

Source: Seacoast Online, “Police helped wealthy woman accuse local lawyer,” Elizabeth Dinan, Feb. 26, 2013

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